Unlike other companies, we think that design is much more a conscious planning process than art.  So whether we are talking about image or web design, we always keep in mind the goals that we set together.

Designing web pages

even the last pixel is well-considered

Webdesign során elsődlegesen a funkcionalitásra és felhasználói élményre figyelünk oda. Tisztában vagyunk azzal, hogy a legnagyobb ötleteket is drasztikus mértékben hátráltatja egy rosszul megtervezett felület. Éppen ezért figyelünk a részletekre.

Logo and image design

expressive and beautiful

Consistency is the most important aspect when designing an image. We take into consideration that the designed logo and its associated image materials should communicate the same message to all clients on all surfaces. Besides the materials designed by us can easily be reconsidered on different surfaces and we also provide assistance in defining messages and getting to know the target audience.

Creating advertising materials

if you’ve seen our advertising materials, we probably did a sloppy job

Since we are not only engaged in the production of advertising materials, but we also realize marketing campaigns, we know exactly what determines their effectiveness. During implementation we always try to make them interesting and we try to keep, maintain the message so that the consumers not to have the feeling that they have seen an ad.

Request a consultation

Preliminary consultation is free, however, some information about the project must be provided first.