The beginnings

For over a decade, we’ve specialized in designing and developing web apps & complex IT systems for both international and local clients. Our approach is rooted in a deep understanding of our clients’ needs, ensuring that the solutions we deliver are in perfect harmony with their requirements. We focus on crafting durable and intelligent solutions tailored to each client’s unique needs. Our philosophy is not to create one-size-fits-all products, but rather to identify and implement the most effective solution for each specific challenge.

Our team collaborates closely with clients, fostering a transparent and responsive environment conducive to receiving and incorporating feedback.


Our goal with our services is to provide our clients & partners with all the necessary tools and human resources, whether it’s custom software development, digitalization, product development, or even UX and UI design.

But we also know that in many cases, the real adventure begins after the design and development are completed, so we help with marketing consulting and campaign implementation as well, to ensure our clients are successful at every stage of the journey.

Development, Design, Outsourcing and Beyond

In case you need a software developer for an ongoing project or are just kicking off a new one, you are in the right place. Additionally, if your project requires UX or UI design, or even branding services, we’ve got you covered, ensuring a comprehensive solution for all your digital needs.

Should you wish to discuss further, feel free to call directly Vadász Zoltán or book a meeting through Calendly for a time that suits you best.

For specialized marketing services, Gálffy Csanád will be your go-to expert, ready to assist and elevate your project to new heights.

Tools and technologies

Php Logo


Its unmatched speed and flexibility make PHP our go-to for reliable and dynamic backend development.


Laravel’s elegant syntax and robust features streamline complex web application development, making it our preferred PHP framework.


For rapid development without compromising on performance, CodeIgniter’s lightweight framework is our choice.



NodeJs enables us to build fast and scalable network applications, perfect for real-time data-intensive operations.


Offers reliable and scalable database solutions, making it our backbone for data management.



AWS’s comprehensive cloud services ensure our projects are scalable, secure, and highly available.


ReactJs’s component-based architecture enhances our user interface development with reusable and efficient code.



VueJs’s simplicity and flexibility make it our favorite for crafting intuitive and high-performing web interfaces.

Angular Js


AngularJs provides a structured framework for dynamic web apps, enabling us to deliver seamless user experiences.



JavaScript’s versatility allows us to create interactive and feature-rich websites, making it indispensable in our toolkit.



jQuery simplifies HTML document traversing and manipulation, speeding up our JavaScript coding with its easy-to-use API.



HTML5’s modern features enable us to build visually engaging and semantically rich web content.”



CSS’s styling capabilities allow us to create visually stunning and responsive designs that engage users.


WordPress’s flexibility and ease of use make it our platform of choice for content-driven websites.


For e-commerce solutions, PrestaShop offers a rich feature set and user-friendly experience, making it our preferred choice.


Its user-friendly interface and powerful collaborative tools make Figma the ideal design tool for our team.


Facebook Workplace enhances our team collaboration and communication, keeping us connected and productive.



Jira’s project management tools help us stay organized and efficient, ensuring timely delivery of complex projects.


Bitbucket supports our coding efforts with its integrated Git repositories, making source control seamless and secure.

Paper and pencil

When planning and preparing, we usually still start dreaming using a piece of paper.

Creating wireframes

If the complexity of the project requires it, we use axure for creating wireframes.

User interface

We use photoshop and affinity for graphic design.

Design of corporate image

We use illustrator for designing corporate image, for creating print materials etc. – but almost for everything where scalability is important.


For analytical purposes we use mainly Google analytics.


We use open source cms systems to develop web shops, but we also develop customized solutions on demand.


We usually use wordpress to develop websites.

Php framework

When it is php framework, then it is usually laravel.

User behaviour tracking

To track actions on this page we use a tool called smartlook.

Whom we look up to, from whom and from where we learn

István Kolozsi

From him we can learn much about human behaviour and user behaviour.

kolboid blog

Jon Loomer

He is a decisive thinker and a teacher regarding social media marketing.

Jon Loomer

Richárd Lévai

He has up-to-date information and often helps us with Facebook issues.

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