The beginnings

Since 2011 we have been working to serve our local and international partners at the highest possible level offering them web-based solutions, graphic design and online marketing services. During this time we have been constantly trying to encourage each other and not to brass each other off, to develop professionally and to love our job.


We have created our services to overcome the shortcomings and problems of the market. None of them are engraved in stone, basically we are open to everything that contributes to the creation of values for ourselves or our environment. We mainly have experience in digital products and services – we feel comfortable in this field – but we are not afraid of the challenges.

How we work

There are more contact possibilities on this website (for example: you can leave a personal message to any of us), but if you want things to go smoothly, the rule is the following:

For issues regarding online marketing or social media communication contact Csanád


For issues regarding development, web shop, graphics or any other ideas or orders contact Vadász


But if you click here, you can find us personally!

Tools and technologies

Paper and pencil

When planning and preparing, we usually still start dreaming using a piece of paper.

Creating wireframes

If the complexity of the project requires it, we use axure for creating wireframes.

User interface

We use photoshop and affinity for graphic design.

Design of corporate image

We use illustrator for designing corporate image, for creating print materials etc. – but almost for everything where scalability is important.


For analytical purposes we use mainly Google analytics.


We use open source cms systems to develop web shops, but we also develop customized solutions on demand.


We usually use wordpress to develop websites.

Php framework

When it is php framework, then it is usually laravel.

User behaviour tracking

To track actions on this page we use a tool called smartlook.

Whom we look up to, from whom and from where we learn

István Kolozsi

From him we can learn much about human behaviour and user behaviour.

kolboid blog

Jon Loomer

He is a decisive thinker and a teacher regarding social media marketing.

Jon Loomer

Richárd Lévai

He has up-to-date information and often helps us with Facebook issues.

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