Software Development Outsourcing

As if we developed for ourselves

At minic, we understand that your business is unique, and so are your needs for additional resources. Our outsourcing approach emphasizes flexibility and scalability, ensuring we’re here to grow alongside you and adapt to your changing needs with agility. Whether you’re scaling up for a new project, adding new features, preparing for the high season, or in need of specialized skills for a specific phase, we’ve got your back.

We are offering solutions that are as unique as your projects. Our team doesn’t just fill gaps; we integrate seamlessly into your existing operations, working alongside your team as if we were in-house. Whether you need us to lead an entire project or provide that one expert piece of the puzzle, we’re ready to tailor our approach to what works best for you. Of course, we’re not superheroes either, but we’ve been through a few projects, so even if it takes us a while to get up to speed, we’re rolling above the average.

Our experience covers a wide range of industries, from Manufacturing Technology and Transportation to Mobility, Travel, and Tourism Technology. With our insights and experience, we ensure to tackle your challenges head-on with solutions that not only meet but exceed your expectations. For those in FinTech, the Public Sector, or in need of SMB Digital Tools, we’re also on hand with the expertise to elevate your projects to the next level.

But what really sets us apart is our partnership approach. We see ourselves as an extension of your team, a partner that’s as invested in your project’s success as you are. It’s all about collaboration, communication, and a shared goal: to turn your vision into reality.

So, when you choose minic, you’re not just getting additional resources; you’re gaining a partner who’s committed to your success, ready to adapt, and bring the best talents to your doorstep.

Industry experience

  • E-commerce
  • Media & publishing
  • Transportation and Mobility
  • Travel and Tourism Technology
  • Cultural and Museum Technology
  • FinTech
  • Public Sector Technology
  • Manufacturing Technology
  • Edtech
  • SAAS
  • Cultural Heritage and Museum Technology
  • Enterprise Software
  • FinTech and SMB Digital Tools

When we’re talking to a potential partner, we often hear the statement

-We are looking for a full-time person.

-We not only provide full-time talents, but we work as if we were part of your team or organization.

-Your goals are our goals!

Outsourcing services


A running software development project may require one or more extra software engineers for either the short term or the long term. The colleague will participate as part of the team in development, attend company-defined ceremonies, and work on tasks specified by the client.

Project based

A greenfield project requires several software engineers. Collaboration tends to be more effective when multiple individuals who are familiar with each other work together. This collaboration will continue until the project is completed, at which point a new collaboration may commence.


Sometimes, a partnership may become unsustainable. In such instances, given that the customer’s operations are significantly influenced by the services provided, it’s crucial to ensure the project’s continuity. Therefore, a dedicated team is required to take over the day-to-day tasks to stabilize and save the project.

How we work

Certainly, every project is unique, and our collaboration process adapts accordingly. The process outlined below serves as a guideline, but it’s important to understand that it can vary depending on the needs and nature of the project. There’s a distinction to be made between short-term projects and long-term collaborations, as well as whether we’re talking about resource allocation or taking over an entire project.

In the case of long-term projects and resource allocation, our focus primarily shifts towards how well the selected team member fits into the existing team. Here, we spend less time on the specifics of the specification, as there’s an opportunity to refine requirements through ongoing collaboration. The main priority in this scenario is establishing and maintaining a harmonious working relationship within the team.

When it comes to taking over an entire project, we dedicate more time and energy in the initial phase to thoroughly understand the documentation and processes. Our goal is to fully comprehend the system’s operation, which is crucial for successful project handover and achieving the expected outcomes.

Complexity of software outsourcing services

Initial Contact and Preliminary Discussions:
This first step is where we get to know each other, understand your needs, and discuss how we can best collaborate.

Requirement Analysis and Specification Clarification:
We discuss the project’s objectives, requirements, and agree on the technical specifications in detail. This ensures that both parties know exactly what the expected outcome is.

Proposal and Contract:
We prepare a proposal that includes the project scope, budget, and timeline. If you agree with all the details, we enter into a contract to officially start the project.

Project Planning and Team Assembly:
After finalizing the project details, we assemble the necessary team of experts and develop a detailed project plan, including milestones and deadlines.

Development and Communication:
During the development phase, we maintain regular communication with you to keep you updated on progress. To ensure transparency and continuous feedback, we regularly hold status updates and discussions.

Testing and Quality Assurance:
Following the development phases, thorough testing and debugging processes are conducted to ensure the software’s quality and reliability.

Completion and Handover:
Upon project completion, we hand over the final product and provide the necessary documentation and support for a smooth transition.

Post-implementation Support and Maintenance:
After the project handover, we remain available for further support, maintenance, and potential enhancements.

Contact us, if you:

  • need one or more a reliable & loyal developer, engineer or ux & ui specialist
  • value transparent and honest communication
  • need experience in technology that you do not have
  • want to reduce risk and would rather contract than hire an employee
  • do not have time to recruit
  • you are looking for cost effective software development and want to keep your costs under control
  • you are looking for agile nearshoring and offshoring development services / it outsourcing services

Tools and technologies

Php Logo


Its unmatched speed and flexibility make PHP our go-to for reliable and dynamic backend development.


Laravel’s elegant syntax and robust features streamline complex web application development, making it our preferred PHP framework.


For rapid development without compromising on performance, CodeIgniter’s lightweight framework is our choice.



NodeJs enables us to build fast and scalable network applications, perfect for real-time data-intensive operations.


Offers reliable and scalable database solutions, making it our backbone for data management.



AWS’s comprehensive cloud services ensure our projects are scalable, secure, and highly available.


ReactJs’s component-based architecture enhances our user interface development with reusable and efficient code.



VueJs’s simplicity and flexibility make it our favorite for crafting intuitive and high-performing web interfaces.

Angular Js


AngularJs provides a structured framework for dynamic web apps, enabling us to deliver seamless user experiences.



JavaScript’s versatility allows us to create interactive and feature-rich websites, making it indispensable in our toolkit.



jQuery simplifies HTML document traversing and manipulation, speeding up our JavaScript coding with its easy-to-use API.



HTML5’s modern features enable us to build visually engaging and semantically rich web content.”



CSS’s styling capabilities allow us to create visually stunning and responsive designs that engage users.


WordPress’s flexibility and ease of use make it our platform of choice for content-driven websites.


For e-commerce solutions, PrestaShop offers a rich feature set and user-friendly experience, making it our preferred choice.


Its user-friendly interface and powerful collaborative tools make Figma the ideal design tool for our team.


Facebook Workplace enhances our team collaboration and communication, keeping us connected and productive.



Jira’s project management tools help us stay organized and efficient, ensuring timely delivery of complex projects.


Bitbucket supports our coding efforts with its integrated Git repositories, making source control seamless and secure.

Request a consultation

Preliminary consultation is free, however, some information about the project must be provided first.