Székelyudvarhely Municipality Website Development

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We have been incredibly lucky to work with such a collaborative and open-minded partner throughout the development process. And although we clearly see that we still have a very bumpy road ahead of us, with a lot of new things to discover, it’s timely to show how we got here.

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The Municipality of Odorheiu Secuiesc aims to foster more accessible, open, and bilateral communication with the city’s citizens. It strives to involve the citizens with innovative ideas and to make the city feel inclusive for everyone. The previous website could not provide an adequate platform to achieve this goal, and therefore, it needed to be updated.

The new site was expected to align with the emerging image of the municipality. It should conform to the character and color schemes used on other interfaces and, above all, be transparent and easy to navigate.

Smart solutions


Filling out forms can be challenging for everyone, but we’ve made it easier by providing instructions on how to complete them. We didn’t stop there—some forms have been fully digitized, so you no longer need to fill them out on paper. Additionally, you can easily find the form you need using our search facility.

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City Hall Website development development public procurement subscription

Public procurement notification system

By making public procurement notices accessible, the municipality has achieved its objective of ensuring that local businesses have the same opportunities as contractors from other municipalities to bid for public contracts. The notification system enables subscribed contractors to receive timely alerts about these opportunities.

More Transparent

For many, locating someone at the town hall can be a headache, and finding a specific class is equally challenging. However, thanks to the transparent display of staff details, you can easily find anyone who works in the town hall. Additionally, you don’t need years of experience to locate a department; clear signage on doors facilitates this process.

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City Hall - responsive design - mobile design

During the design and development process, great emphasis was placed on mobile display, given that a significant portion of visitors now need to be served content on mobile devices.